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BTCadvance.Credit is a cryptocurrency credit service that provides cryptocurrency advances and insured instant buys to users who want to acquire Bitcoin at today’s price but cannot or do not want to pay the full amount for the Bitcoin upfront or want protection from market volatility.  We are the only service that allows users to purchase Bitcoin and Altcoins through flexible payments or provide a money-back guarantee if someone purchases crypto but later changes their mind.

1.   Select ‘Sign-Up’ to register for your account. If you’ll be making your advance payments using cryptocurrency no need to enter your social       security number or debit card information. If you’d like to pay with a debit card then you’ll enter your information during sign-up.

2.   Select the amount you’d like to advance for $1,000 to $10,000 and how long you want to repay your advance, from 5 to 16 weeks.

3.   Agree to the terms and conditions and select ‘Get Loan Now’.

4.   Follow the steps to make your first payment by crypto using one of our available crypto options, or pay with debit by connecting with one of our        live chat agents to verify your identity and set up your debit card payment account.

     ***Please note that your first debit card payment will not be processed until you have completed the identity verification with one of our Live       Agents.

5. Continue to make your weekly payments. Once your advance is paid off your bitcoin will be unlocked and you are free to withdraw it to       which ever wallet you choose.

If you would like to change your payment card or pay with crypto instead please contact customer service through LiveChat at least 72 hours before your payment date. Once a payment has been processed it can not be reversed.

Bitcoin Advances Only-

BTCAdvance understands that life happens. If a user chooses to defer a payment that payment becomes due at the end of the loan term.
If you are unable to make a payment simply,

  1.  Log into your BTCAdvance account
  2.  Find the payment you would like to skip under ‘My Bitcoin Advances’
  3.  Select ‘Defer Payment’.

All debit card payments are set-up for automatic payments. To make sure that deferred payments are not attempted, deferment requests must be made at least 24 hours before the payment is due.

If you fail to complete all payments before the advance due date, the advance will be defaulted

Altcoin Advances Only-

We do not offer deferred payments for Altcoin advances. You will have 72 hours to make your scheduled payment after the payment date. If your advance payment is not current within 72 hours of the payment date the advance will be defaulted.

Absolutely, if the increase in your Bitcoin advance covers the remaining balance owed you can use the growth to pay off your advance. A 5% fee will apply. If your account has reached this threshold please contact customer service and they will assist with the process.

All Bitcoin and Altcoin advances are held in a custodial wallet until Advances are paid in full. Once the advance has been paid users are free to withdraw their bitcoin into any wallet they choose. 

No. Anyone can participate in our referral program and earn commissions.  To get started follow these steps-

  1. Sign-up through Instant Buy sign up form.
 2. Log in and head over to account settings in the top right corner.  Within your profile add your Bitcoin address for where you want to receive your      payouts.
  3. Next, go to the Affiliate Program tab on the right side menu.  Here you will find your referral link to share.

When you refer a new user to BTCA and they take out an advance you will receive 2.5% of their advance amount. The only qualifier to receive payment is that your referral has made 2 payments towards their advance.  Payments are sent 31 days after loan initiation.

Instant Buys pay a 1% commission paid the next day after purchase.